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Effectively deploying a network-locked Function App – Part 2: App Service Plan

Posted by Abhinav Sharma on 13 October 2022

Azure Functions, Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, Networking, cloud infrastructure


In the previous post, I talked about how a Function App deployed in Consumption Plan cannot be deployed in a network-locked architecture. In this post, I will try to reach the same objective of deploying a Function App where all the components used by the app are not accessible from the public internet...

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Effectively deploying a network-locked Function App – Part 1: Consumption Plan

Posted by Abhinav Sharma on 07 October 2022

App Services, Azure Functions, Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, Networking


Azure Function is a serverless service offering on Azure that allows one to write less code, maintain less infrastructure, and focus on writing code to solve the problem at hand. The deployment of Azure Function is usually not too complicated, but it tends to get harder to manage when deployed with various...

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AWS Account Cleaner

Posted by Everett Toews on 27 September 2022

aws, AWS Account Cleaner, AWSweeper, ReadOnlyAccess

Whether you’re new to AWS and just learning or you’re a seasoned veteran, working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) usually involves extensive experimentation. That means constantly creating, reading, updating, and deleting resources as you experiment. However, sometimes you may forget to delete something or AWS auto...

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The Cost of Not Knowing Your Customer: Why It’s Time to Bank on Insights from Data Analytics

Posted by Dr. Rav Fernando on 11 August 2022

Digital Transformation, strategy, banking, innovation, analytics, customer-centric, data

Did you know that your favourite cafe does much more than satisfy your caffeine craving?

Small to medium enterprises (SMEs: less than 200 employees), like your local cafe, are the bedrock of the Australian economy. They are responsible for more than half of our GDP and employ a whopping 2/3 of the Australian workforce

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Maximising Your APIs with a Digital Integration Hub

Posted by Dan Toomey on 02 June 2022

Architecture, Integration, APIs, Digital Transformation, Fast-Data

APIs make the digital world go round. According to Gartner, they are an essential element of every digital strategy. They enable systems and applications to interact, connecting disparate data sources and bridging access protocols. APIs can unlock your organisation’s digital assets and allow them to be consumed in a...

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Kickstart Your DevOps Career with Deloitte Platform Engineering

Posted by Daniel Dao on 18 March 2022

Continuous Integration, DevOps, Join Our Team, Careers, developer, cloud computing, deloitte platform engineering, Deloitte, Platform Managed Services

Against most common belief, DevOps is not a team nor a department, and it isn’t merely a stack. DevOps is a movement, a mindset that has shocked the tech industry to its core. I believe DevOps will keep playing this vital role in guiding industries toward innovation, launching them into novel space without...

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Help Others Help You

Posted by Everett Toews on 01 March 2022

culture, people & culture, troubleshooting, debugging

Asking for help is a common and natural thing that everyone does. You need help immediately, so if you can help others help you, everyone wins. Getting help from others is a skill that can be learned and refined over time. This post is geared towards getting help with problems in software development and operations...

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Deploying Kubernetes using lightweight runtimes on Centos Stream 8

Posted by Dale Stirling on 24 February 2022

containers, kubernetes, Centos, Linux

Thanks to the introduction of the Kubernetes CRI there are now additional runtimes that exist for running containers within the Kubernetes orchestration ecosystem.

In this article, we will look at how we can use a lightweight runtime layer to create smaller resource overheads when running a container.

The tools that...

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Monitoring Logic Apps Standard with Application Insights – Querying & Analysing Traces

Posted by Paco de la Cruz on 16 December 2021

Logic Apps, Monitoring, Application Insights, Microsoft Azure, Azure Integration Services


In the previous post of the series, we covered how to implement the different observability features that are available in Logic Apps Standard to send traces to Application Insights. In this post, we’ll discuss how to query and analyse these traces, and how to share these queries and publish query results....

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Hexagonal Architecture

Posted by Kevin Slamaker on 14 December 2021

Architecture, Microservices, Clean Architecture, Hexagonal Architecture

A few weeks back at our monthly #PETechtalk for Deloitte Platform Engineering, I spoke about "Hexagonal Architecture" and how exploring the past can help us to build our future. I promised those who attended I would follow up with a blog article giving you the highlights we went through and also provide some of the...

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