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Avoid the Robot Spaghetti Machine

Posted by Saul Caganoff on 04 April 2023

Architecture, governance, AI, ChatGPT

With the recent release of GPT-4, many people are voicing concern about the impact of AI on the job market. A Goldman Sachs report concluded that up to two-thirds of white-collar jobs are open to partial automation through AI. They argue that this is overall good news for global productivity.

Programming is forecast...

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Cloud Migration Factory - Automated, Innovative and Agile

Posted by Gaurav Sapra AND Varun Karthik on 17 February 2023

Cloud Strategy, Digital Transformation, strategy, innovation, aws, agility, Infrastructure as Code, Solution Architecture, terraform, GitLab, Hybrid-cloud, governance, runsheet, customer-centric, Cloud Migrations

“Cloud Migration Factory increases the velocity of migration and helps provide discovery & planning guidelines with architectural best practices, automated tools & templates, collaboration with migration experts & different subject matter experts, with complete governance & reporting around all the different...

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Azure Update Management - Why you need it

Posted by Sep Beheshti on 16 November 2021

Azure, Azure Automation, Microsoft Azure, automation, governance, Update Management, Patching


Managing updates and patches for Virtual Machines (VMs) hosted in any enterprise environment is essential and can be a daunting task.

Patch management for VMs consist of frequent updates to the operating system such as anti-virus definition updates, operating system updates, software updates and much...

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Reviewing the APIdays Execution Agenda

Posted by Saul Caganoff on 10 September 2020

APIs, security, APIdays, versioning, REST, governance, GraphQL

APIdays Australia LIVE is happening next week onSeptember 15th and 16th. Registration to this online event is free and open now at:

Previously we talked about the overall event structure which - in addition to our invited keynotes - is split into three streams:

  • Business: the business...
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