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Effectively deploying a network-locked Function App – Part 2: App Service Plan

Posted by Abhinav Sharma on 13 October 2022

Azure Functions, Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, Networking, cloud infrastructure


In the previous post, I talked about how a Function App deployed in Consumption Plan cannot be deployed in a network-locked architecture. In this post, I will try to reach the same objective of deploying a Function App where all the components used by the app are not accessible from the public internet...

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Effectively deploying a network-locked Function App – Part 1: Consumption Plan

Posted by Abhinav Sharma on 07 October 2022

App Services, Azure Functions, Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, Networking


Azure Function is a serverless service offering on Azure that allows one to write less code, maintain less infrastructure, and focus on writing code to solve the problem at hand. The deployment of Azure Function is usually not too complicated, but it tends to get harder to manage when deployed with various...

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Simplification of AWS networking scenarios using Transit Gateway

Posted by Sumit Gaur on 11 August 2020

Cloud Strategy, Microservices, aws, Infrastructure as Code, Networking, cloud computing, cloud infrastructure, Infrastructure, transit gateway, multicloud, multi-VPC, Hybrid-cloud, multi-Account, AWS VPC, VPC peering, Inter-Account, Inter-Region, On-premises, Multicast

The purpose of this blog is to help readers understand various scenarios where we can use Amazon Web Services (AWS) network component Transit Gateway and optimise the platform architecture by simplification of network components.

AWS Transit Gateway enables efficient network connectivity and routing for AWS's multi-...

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Knocking on Azure's Front Door

Posted by Ross McDermott on 18 April 2019

Azure, Azure Front Door, Networking

The ability to create global-scale web applications using Azure infrastructure and services has existed for quite some time but has traditionally been complex to set up and manage with the creation of both global, and region resources. With the go-live release of the Azure Front Door (AFD) service, this just got a...
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