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Kickstart Your DevOps Career with Deloitte Platform Engineering

Posted by Daniel Dao on 18 March 2022

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DevOps process flow


Against most common belief, DevOps is not a team nor a department, and it isn’t merely a stack. DevOps is a movement, a mindset that has shocked the tech industry to its core. I believe DevOps will keep playing this vital role in guiding industries toward innovation, launching them into novel space without compromising their dexterity.

“DevOps as a Service” is the “Netflix for tech industry”

We should know by now that there is no stage such as "delivered". There is no solution deemed "completed". Due to the exponential rate of digital change, enterprise platforms and solutions need to be continuously improved, upgraded and secured. They also need constant refinement, optimisation, uplift to be treated with tender love and care. 

A Career in DevOps

Digitalisation and Cloud Migration: A Perfect Storm for DevOps

The vigorous growth of digitalisation and cloud migration has led to the demand for operational and management services increasing rapidly in recent years. This quick expansion facilitates a challenge to find new DevOps engineers who need to be the experts in both building and operating these new digital systems and platforms. The big cloud providers are rushing to expand their DevOps offering capacity with new monitoring Platform as a Service (PaaS), new reliability patterns and new abstract resources to improve system agility. There is a new promised land to discover. As DevOps engineers, we are at the front to help thousands of clients to run, mature, secure and optimise their digital solutions.

DevOps as a Service

The “Operation” stage traditionally comes at the end of the development life cycle. With the embracement of the DevOps mindset, Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) being adopted and becoming mandatory, the shift-left culture becomes the only culture. Operation is now compulsory from the very first deployment; the once separated Development and Operation are united as DevOps.

System reliability is the make or break of a business. With the number of feature releases and deployment increasing drastically, businesses need to embrace the DevOps approach in every stage of the development lifecycle, with the help of DevOps engineers to stabilise their digital platforms.

The job of a DevOps Engineer is to make sure the digital platform runs without interruption, to improve systems availability and resilience. This also includes implementing new features, building and strengthening deployment pipelines, all while following DevOps practices; to deliver quickly but stably. “DevOps as a Service” is the "Netflix for tech industry", replacing the old commercial terms in the software world of “buy and sell”, now it’s all “subscription”.

Site Reliability Engineer

We always hear about how Shopify engineers helped e-commerce platforms complete billions of orders during Black Fridays with no disruption. Or how Netflix became a multi-billion-dollar corporation with their never-go-down streaming service. The common theme of these systems is they are reliable, and in today’s world, reliability is king. In a competitive market with customers presented with dozens of different brands for one product or service, they will choose to go with the one that always delivers.

Reliability is King

The term Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) was coined by Google in 2003, foreseeing its vital role in a modern digital business world. Today, SREs help critical systems like the fire department, hospital, government, defence, e-commerce platforms, as well as many more, stay up 24/7.

In a recent survey, 58% of IT leaders find it is challenging to fill SRE positions who need to be skilled in both development and operation. The demand for SREs continues to grow 10% in 2019 and 15% in 2020.

Deloitte Platform Managed Services

Deloitte Platform Engineering (PE) is the engineering front of the professional service provider giant. PE Managed Services is a Deloitte strategic growth capacity, and the firm's answer to the DevOps demand of the market. The offering also nurtures the next generation of DevOps engineering talents.


An example of service offerings of Deloitte Core Business Operations with reference to Managed Services


Working in Deloitte Managed Services will not only offer you an opportunity to put the big brand on your resume but their big clients and projects will also allow you to interact, contribute and improve the state-of-art engineer solutions, which is an invaluable experience. This position offers one of the most exciting and fast-growing career paths for aspiring Software Engineers, allowing you to grow your DevOps technical expertise, and gain arguably one of the most sought-after skills for software engineers today: communication. 

Other benefits include:

  • The chance to build, run and take ownership of world-class digital platforms and systems.
  • Gain a deep understanding while still having a bird-eye view of how modern business and their digital systems operate.
  • Direct communication with the clients, build confidence and independence.
  • Develop close relationships with multiple clients.

You will be working in a more compact team of software engineers and system admins, allowing you to have a very hands-on experiment. If you are an energised and motivated graduate who wants to get ahead in the DevOps career path, this is one of the best pathways for you.


Platform Managed Services is a great place to kick start your career as a graduate Software Engineer. You will learn and grow to become a DevOps expert in your choice of stacks in no time. 

My name is Quang Dao. I am a Computer Science graduate from RMIT University, and I’m currently working as a DevOps Engineer at Deloitte Platform Engineering. This is how I started my career in DevOps and why I think you should do it too.


Be at the frontier of DevOps with Platform Managed Services!

Have a look at our opening positions in Deloitte. You can search and see which ones we have in CBO. If you have a specific question for any DevOps opportunity, you can reach out to me directly on LinkedIn. Have more enquiries? Reach out to our Talent Team directly and they will be able to support you best.



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Have a look at our opening positions in Deloitte. You can search and see which ones we have in Cloud & Engineering.


Have more enquiries? Reach out to our Talent Team directly and they will be able to support you best.

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