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Monitoring Logic Apps Standard with Application Insights – Implementation

Posted by Paco de la Cruz on 10 December 2021

Logic Apps, Monitoring, Application Insights, Microsoft Azure, Azure Integration Services


In the previous post of the series, we’ve covered the different built-in observability features that are available in Logic Apps Standard and how many of them are part of the traces sent to Application Insights. In this post, we’ll discuss how these features can be implemented in a sample scenario. The...

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Monitoring Logic Apps Standard with Application Insights – Introduction

Posted by Paco de la Cruz on 07 December 2021

Logic Apps, Monitoring, Application Insights, Microsoft Azure, Azure Integration Services


As I previously discussed, it’s very common that developers tend to focus their efforts on building and shipping applications and services to production but forget to consider what happens after go-live. It’s easy to dismiss that the solutions being built are going to be supported by someone else. Once the...

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Azure Update Management - Why you need it

Posted by Sep Beheshti on 16 November 2021

Azure, Azure Automation, Microsoft Azure, automation, governance, Update Management, Patching


Managing updates and patches for Virtual Machines (VMs) hosted in any enterprise environment is essential and can be a daunting task.

Patch management for VMs consist of frequent updates to the operating system such as anti-virus definition updates, operating system updates, software updates and much...

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Logic Apps Standard vs Durable Functions: How to Choose? (2021 Update)

Posted by Paco de la Cruz on 09 November 2021

Azure Functions, Logic Apps, Azure Durable Functions, Microsoft Azure


Three years ago, after the release of Azure Durable Functions, I wrote a post comparing the capabilities of Logic Apps and Durable Functions. Both service offerings provide orchestration capabilities on Azure. At that time, Azure Durable Functions had just been released as generally available. As you’d...

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Terraform – Your friend for managing Infrastructure on Cloud

Posted by Sangam Kumari on 28 October 2021

DevOps, cloud computing, terraform, cloud infrastructure, multicloud

The accelerating move to cloud computing over the past few years represents a major shift in the IT world. Driven in part by the lower total cost of ownership and flexibility, an increasing number of small and large organisations and companies globally are now utilising cloud-based platforms to host their...

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Addressing the Dynamics 365 API Service Protection Limits using Boomi and Azure APIM

Posted by Sarah Fernando on 20 October 2021

Azure API Management, api, Boomi, dynamic connection properties, d365 rate limits


Boomi can mediate interactions with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Custom Engagement by invoking the Dataverse API. In situations where applications need to support real-time synchronous interactions, measures need to be in place to ensure that threshold limits that are imposed by the Dataverse API are not...

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Ensuring success at the end of a consulting engagement

Posted by Liz Douglass on 05 October 2021

Modern Engineering, Operations

As a client, it often takes a lot of time and effort to start an engagement with a consultancy, especially if it’s a significant investment or a strategic project. Finding support and sponsors, securing funding, deciding on tools, and identifying a strategic partner are all important and time-consuming tasks.


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11 essential items for a cut-over

Posted by Andrew Rawson on 13 July 2021

release, release management, cut-over, runsheet, command centre, rollback, dress rehearsal, cut-over plan, go-live

So, you want to cut-over hey…

Releasing your hard-earned code, platforms and new customer experiences can be daunting and challenging but also a very rewarding experience. After all, you have spent your blood, sweat and tears to finally get to a point where your software can be used. Whether it be a daily...

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I don't think I have the tech capability that I need. What do I do?

Posted by Liz Douglass on 06 July 2021

Modern Engineering, Capability

I can’t tell you how often I’ve spoken with CIOs and CTOs who say they have a gap in their team’s capability, but can’t quite identify what that gap is or how big it is. They just know they need a fresh perspective to solve old problems.

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, then you may be in a similar situation:

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The Secrets of Kubernetes

Posted by Reza Susanto on 29 June 2021

Azure, CICD, Microsoft Azure, kubernetes, Azure Key Vault, secrets management, kubernetes secrets

At Deloitte Platform Engineering, I help organisations build Kubernetes clusters and establish baseline policies and governance to ensure that they remain secure. A key aspect of cluster governance is defining how sensitive application configuration or ‘secrets’ are managed and used within the cluster.

Secrets such...

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