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Part 2: Command your kitchen with queues and serverless functions

Posted by Aaron Newton on 11 May 2021

Azure Functions, Microservices, Service Bus, Serverless, humour


If you’ve read part one of this series, welcome back. If you didn’t, it was an action-packed exposé on start-up life and the ways in which microservices will decrease your stress and your snack budget. Pour your beverage of choice and go read it.

In chapter two - the project hits the big-time. Serverless 

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Part 1: How to reduce your doughnut budget with microservices

Posted by Aaron Newton on 28 April 2021

Azure Functions, Microservices, Microsoft Azure, performance, humour


In the early days of my career, monolithic APIs were common. SOAP and XML were still popular - REST and JSON were the new kids on the block.

I worked in a development team that had inherited a monolithic API. A bad deployment left multiple key systems inoperable, and our support lines were inundated to...

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Why Assembler is the future of Integration

Posted by Robert Valk on 01 April 2016

tech, humour

To succeed in our modern world of API-led connectivity, we need to go back to basics… all the way back…

Security, agility and fast time-to-market are crucial for any successful Digital initiative. Your choice of integration platform can be the deciding factor, enabling developer productivity or resulting in crippling...

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