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Dr. Rav Fernando

Dr. Rav Fernando
Rav is future-oriented and enjoys solving complex problems. Her approach is driven by her curiosity about the mind, and her love for analytics. She holds a PhD in experimental social psychology and is passionate about taking a human-centred approach to creating innovative technologies. She is currently a Manager within the Core Business Operations (CBO) consulting practice at Deloitte, primarily enabling digital transformation for financial services clients.
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The Cost of Not Knowing Your Customer: Why It’s Time to Bank on Insights from Data Analytics

Posted by Dr. Rav Fernando on 11 August 2022

Digital Transformation, strategy, banking, innovation, analytics, customer-centric, data

Did you know that your favourite cafe does much more than satisfy your caffeine craving?

Small to medium enterprises (SMEs: less than 200 employees), like your local cafe, are the bedrock of the Australian economy. They are responsible for more than half of our GDP and employ a whopping 2/3 of the Australian workforce

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