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Effectively deploying a network-locked Function App – Part 3: App Service Environment v3

Posted by Abhinav Sharma on 21 October 2022

App Service Environment, Azure Functions, Microsoft Azure, cloud infrastructure


In the previous posts, I talked about different scenarios of deploying a Function App with a Consumption Plan and an App Service Plan in a network-locked architecture. In this post, I will cover a different architectural solution using App Service Environment v3. I will go through the complete deployment...

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Effectively deploying a network-locked Function App – Part 2: App Service Plan

Posted by Abhinav Sharma on 13 October 2022

Azure Functions, Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, Networking, cloud infrastructure


In the previous post, I talked about how a Function App deployed in Consumption Plan cannot be deployed in a network-locked architecture. In this post, I will try to reach the same objective of deploying a Function App where all the components used by the app are not accessible from the public internet...

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Terraform – Your friend for managing Infrastructure on Cloud

Posted by Sangam Kumari on 28 October 2021

DevOps, cloud computing, terraform, cloud infrastructure, multicloud

The accelerating move to cloud computing over the past few years represents a major shift in the IT world. Driven in part by the lower total cost of ownership and flexibility, an increasing number of small and large organisations and companies globally are now utilising cloud-based platforms to host their...

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Simplification of AWS networking scenarios using Transit Gateway

Posted by Sumit Gaur on 11 August 2020

Cloud Strategy, Microservices, aws, Infrastructure as Code, Networking, cloud computing, cloud infrastructure, Infrastructure, transit gateway, multicloud, multi-VPC, Hybrid-cloud, multi-Account, AWS VPC, VPC peering, Inter-Account, Inter-Region, On-premises, Multicast

The purpose of this blog is to help readers understand various scenarios where we can use Amazon Web Services (AWS) network component Transit Gateway and optimise the platform architecture by simplification of network components.

AWS Transit Gateway enables efficient network connectivity and routing for AWS's multi-...

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Test & Audit Infrastructure with Inspec

Posted by Akila Amarathunga on 24 October 2019

test, aws, audit, Infrastructure as Code, Inspec, terraform, Chef, cloud infrastructure, Infrastructure


The core of any business is the underlying infrastructure. Over the years, the infrastructure landscape has evolved at a significant pace. Initially, there were traditional data centres. Then there were data centre co-location services. These days Infrastructure-as-a-Service and cloud platforms are more...

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