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Everett Toews

Everett Toews
My focus is creating platforms that improve the developer experience of building Cloud Native applications through a combination of dev, ops, docs, integration, testing, and CI/CD. I'm interested in composing platforms from complementary technologies including code, containers, and cloud. All of this work culminates in one purpose, releasing software to users more securely, safely, and frequently.
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Recent Posts

AWS Account Cleaner

Posted by Everett Toews on 27 September 2022

aws, AWS Account Cleaner, AWSweeper, ReadOnlyAccess

Whether you’re new to AWS and just learning or you’re a seasoned veteran, working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) usually involves extensive experimentation. That means constantly creating, reading, updating, and deleting resources as you experiment. However, sometimes you may forget to delete something or AWS auto...

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Help Others Help You

Posted by Everett Toews on 01 March 2022

culture, people & culture, troubleshooting, debugging

Asking for help is a common and natural thing that everyone does. You need help immediately, so if you can help others help you, everyone wins. Getting help from others is a skill that can be learned and refined over time. This post is geared towards getting help with problems in software development and operations...

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GitOps: Reconciling Desired State with a Runtime Environment

Posted by Everett Toews on 10 February 2020

DevOps, Technology, platform, gitops

I recently did an Ignite talk at DevOpsDays Auckland 2019 about GitOps. While preparing the deck for the talk, I had a chance to really reflect on the question “What is GitOps?”.


GitOps is reconciling a desired state in Git with a runtime environment.

“But this is what we’ve always done!” you say. You’re...

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GitOps Driven Deployments on OpenShift

Posted by Everett Toews on 16 July 2019

CICD, DevOps, platform, openshift, gitops

Our industry is determined to deliver value ever more rapidly, safely, and securely across software development lifecycle environments. One way to achieve this is through GitOps. In broad terms, GitOps is about applying the Git feature workflow to operations. I took this idea and narrowed it down to exactly one use...

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