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Andrew Rawson

Andrew Rawson
Andrew is a Senior Manager at Deloitte with 10+ years’ experience in the government and financial services industries delivering IT Transformations. Andrew has proven knowledge in release management, technology delivery, transition management, and business analysis. Andrew holds a Bachelor of Accounting from the University of Technology Sydney and is Certified Project Management Professional (PMP), SAFe Agilist and Chartered Accountant (CA).
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11 essential items for a cut-over

Posted by Andrew Rawson on 13 July 2021

release, release management, cut-over, runsheet, command centre, rollback, dress rehearsal, cut-over plan, go-live

So, you want to cut-over hey…

Releasing your hard-earned code, platforms and new customer experiences can be daunting and challenging but also a very rewarding experience. After all, you have spent your blood, sweat and tears to finally get to a point where your software can be used. Whether it be a daily...

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