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Reviewing the APIdays Execution Agenda

Posted by Saul Caganoff on 10 September 2020

APIs, security, APIdays, versioning, REST, governance, GraphQL

APIdays Australia LIVE is happening next week on September 15th and 16th. Registration to this online event is free and open now at:

Previously we talked about the overall event structure which - in addition to our invited keynotes - is split into three streams:

  • Business: the business and strategy of APIs,
  • Execution: the technical details of API protocols, management and security.
  • Platforms: the back-end architecture providing all the "ilities".

This time we'll take a deep dive into the Execution stream to review the highlights you'll find there.

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Day 1


API Design

As you would expect, a lot of the discussion in this stream is around the mechanics of API design, contracts and documentation. We have a some great talks in this area from Alex Khilko (PlayQ) on using data definition languages, from Martin McDonagh (SmartBear) on OAS and from Francois Wout (Airtasker) on using Spot for contract-first API development. Gregory Koberger (ReadMe!) also  speaks about the important topic of developer experience and enablement.

Scaling your API Programme

Once you have your API program off the ground, it's important to be able to scale while maintaining high quality design and developer experience. We've got excellent real-world experience in these respects from Jason D'Souza & Lynne Lee (NAB), Luke Sneering (Google) and Rob Valk (Deloitte).

We might think of scaling as the horizontal axis of our API landscape but how about zooming up the vertical axis to take in a more holistic picture of end-to-end API management? For API lifecycle and versioning we're covered by Andrew McCauley (Shopify) and Jaap Brasser (Rubrik). Christian Raquel (Industrie & Co) and Yamini Laksimpathy (FourKites) look at the value chain and product management aspects of an API program.

Day 2



GraphQL and REST

For those of us interested in protocols we've got two talks about GraphQL: Karthik Rao (Dgraph Labs) talks about how modern application development can benefit from the synergies between graph databases and GraphQL, while Roy Mor (Sisence) talks about the trade-offs between REST and GraphQL and offers a way that we can have both!


Last but not least - security is a key attribute we all want our APIs to have. Maciej Treder (Akamai) cleans up the scrabble board with a deep dive into JWT and associated acronyms while Aaron Parecki (Okta) brings us up to speed on the latest in OAuth and OpenID Connect. Baljeet Malhotra (TeejLab) will review current API security risks and how to mitigate them. Dr Nalin Arachchilage advises us also on how to mitigate security risks by considering the usability of security APIs.

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API design, scaling your API programme, protocols and security! That's a quick tour around the very packed agenda we have in the Execution stream for APIdays Australia next week -- it's free, online and frictionless.


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