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Tim Nicol

Tim Nicol
Tim is an established professional engineer and consultant who has worked across a range of different roles, allowing him to contribute unique insight and perspective when providing solutions for customers and clients. Tim is passionate about technical innovation, establishing efficient processes to ensure success, as well as the paradigm that cyber security should be included as an integral element to entire system lifecycles including development, production, operation and maintenance.
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Recent Posts

Keeping Secrets Secret in Azure Web Apps

Posted by Tim Nicol on 12 May 2020

App Services, CICD, Microsoft Azure, security, Azure Key Vault, Azure Pipelines, Azure DevOps, Azure Web Apps

As an Azure developer that specialises in building integration solutions using the Azure Cloud Platform, I typically work to provide integrated connectivity and functionality between enterprise systems. This can include existing on-premises systems (including legacy) as well as more contemporary workloads that run in...

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