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Dylan Lerch

Dylan Lerch
Dylan is an Associate Developer at Mexia. Since kicking off his career, he has spent time with customers across the country doing .NET and web development and helping them get up to speed with the development tools and processes that they need to deliver awesome software to their end users. Dylan loves to work on (and would happily talk all day about) anything relating to Azure, .NET, VSTS, JavaScript, user experience, and accessibility.
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6 Key Pillars of a Successful DevOps Strategy

Posted by Dylan Lerch on 07 August 2018

DevOps, Article, Technology, automation, collaboration


If you have been involved in any sort of software delivery over the past few years, you have probably heard about DevOps. It's a common term that means many different things to many different people. This article covers 6 key aspects of a successful DevOps strategy and is written to shed some light on...

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