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Warp Speed on the Composable Enterprise

Posted by Admin on 28 May 2014

Architecture, news, composable-enterprise, customer

Deeply ingrained in our philosophy at Deloitte Platform Engineering is the idea of building solutions by composing services to fit a unique business need. Nothing really new here, people have been talking about "mashups" about "service composition" and "composite applications" for a while and we've seen our customers...

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Accelerating Mule ESB Development With Project Templates

Posted by Admin on 27 May 2014


For a recent Mule ESB project we needed to pump out a lot (100+) of ESB service operations. Most of them followed the same pattern: synchronous request-response to a single provider API. With so many similar flows to knock out, our thoughts quickly turned to ways to automate development. How much of our code could we...

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Formatting Dates and Times using XSLT 2.0 and XPath

Posted by Admin on 17 December 2013

tech, xslt, xml

A handy addition in XSLT 2.0 is a nice set of date and time format XPath functions. XSLT 1.0 was decidedly lacking in these functions, so you may have used a third-party library such as EXSLT for this purpose. EXSLT offers arithmetic functions on dates and times (still absent in XSLT 2.0) but the XSLT 2.0 offering is...

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Data Mapping with Groovy - Part 2

Posted by Admin on 02 December 2013

tech, mule, groovy

Part 1 of this series layed the foundation for some Groovy concepts and what makes the language suitable for data mapping tasks. With that in mind, lets dive into some of the advanced mapping features and some real world samples.

Introducing GroovyMap

There are 3 data transformation scenarios which we commonly...

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An API Bibliography

Posted by Admin on 19 November 2013


In my capacity as an editor at InfoQ I recently had the opportunity and privilege to edit the November eMag on API Technologies. If you haven't had a look at it yet, then feel free to download and take it with you.

The great thing about this task was that I got to read and review a lot of interesting content on APIs....

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Data Mapping with Groovy - Part 1

Posted by Admin on 14 November 2013

tech, mule, groovy

ESB services involve working with a variety of different data formats and structures e.g. XML, JSON, CSV, spread sheets, key-value structures. Transformations between XML and other data structures are quite common when it comes to developing an ESB layer. Mule ESB provides a wide range of choices when it comes to...

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Adventures in JVM tuning for ActiveMQ

Posted by Admin on 25 October 2013

tech, activemq, messaging

Recently we helped a client deploy an on-premises ESB platform based on Mule ESB and Apache ActiveMQ. The platform uses JMS queues between ESB services and adapters to provide load balancing and fault tolerance across active/active Mule servers.

The ESB is a strategic IT asset for our client and so went through...

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Marketing, Goldfish & Epistemology

Posted by Admin on 07 August 2012


The IT debates continue - vehemently as ever - about which language, which architecture, which methodology and whether to use any methodology at all. Sometimes it feels like we're stuck in the veritable goldfish bowl admiring the shiny new castle that periodically presents itself. How could everyone be so right and so...

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Adventures in the API-Sphere

Posted by Admin on 01 August 2012


Mashape launched yesterday adding a new API player to the growing arena of API management sites and tools. As the Mashape Blog says "everyone and their dog's are building API's these days" and a number of companies have developed API management systems to cater to both public and private APIs.

API Growth (from...

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