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Speed up your IT delivery with modern engineering

Posted by Liz Douglass on 29 September 2020

DevOps, Modern Engineering, Software Delivery

What I love about digital technology is that you can see the impact of your work more or less immediately. I also love that it’s always changing; we’re never done. There’s always work to do that improves the sales funnel or customer experiences. Or a new technology to incorporate. Or a new way of working. You can’t say that about many other industries.



Physical engineering has long feedback cycles


At university, I qualified as an aerospace engineer. During an internship at Boeing my project was to design and construct a test rig, which was really exciting. Over a period of two months, I designed the rig and the specs for its manufacture. When it came to assembly, I discovered one of the bolt holes was in the wrong place. This had the potential to completely de-rail the project. Fortunately, I found a work-around so the project was finished successfully. But I was frustrated that the design and manufacture process was so long, meaning it took until almost the end of the process to discover a fault. The potential for waste was astounding.


Unfortunately, many IT organisations also have long feedback cycles


The reality is that a lot of Australian IT organisations find themselves moving at the pace of a physical engineering business. That means it could take months to discover that a product or service that their IT teams have delivered isn’t quite right. And with increasing economic and competitive pressures, it’s never been more important to find innovative and efficient ways of working. With most businesses relying on software systems to function, there’s a tension with technology teams, which are often seen as unable to respond to commercial needs at an acceptable speed and cost.


Speed up your software delivery


We help companies introduce software delivery practices that enable them to deliver high-quality software in less time and for less cost. Just one example is automating manual tasks that are often error-prone, including code reviews, testing, deployments and the like.


These practices enable technology teams to deliver exponentially more value to a business. We design, build and configure high quality, adaptable software. Our modern engineering patterns, skills and tools unlock efficiencies and effectiveness while we’re delivering. How do you view your organisation’s IT?



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