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'Little' things

Posted by Chris Chio on 12 June 2019

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DPE – A different perspective


Deloitte Platform Engineering (DPE), as the name implies, encapsulates who we are in a nutshell – a highly skilled and agile engineering team (yes, a team of engineers) with the backing of a world-class firm modernising and delivering high-value solutions for our customers.

As shown in the other blogs, the team consists of highly technical people at the top of their game. However, one small, yet very important aspect doesn't get discussed often enough, and this is our culture. The culture of an organisation is very important as it makes or breaks it.


A snapshot of DPE

We have a culture of excellence where everyone here is seriously talented and good at what they do, but more importantly, they are supportive and not arrogant. The leaders in this group epitomise this and they are always approachable no matter how busy they are, and no question is a silly question! They try to make this place fun and enjoyable, and this is highlighted by the 'little' things that they do. For example:


Weekly Drinks Drinks and snacks on the house for everyone to come back to HQ after spending the whole week out at clients. This is especially important, to have a place to come back to meet and catch up with other workmates that you may not have seen for a while or even met yet.


The choice to travel for work or not They understand that travel is not for everyone and we are really given a choice!



Candy Corner Constant snacks and sweets to fuel the team. It's amazing how fast one works after a few sour worms and Chupa Chups.



WFH – The flexibility to work from home when we have to. In this day and age, many of us take this for granted but it’s important from a work life balance perspective.



Public recognition and reward system – We use Slack as our main form of communication and we have a channel specifically for saying thanks to our colleagues for going above and beyond what is normally expected. We say thanks by giving a Taco emoji and these tacos actually do have a value which we can redeem for vouchers or give back to the                                                        practice for a Nintendo switch or coffee machine for                                                                      example.


The other 'little' things that make DPE special is the makeup or diversity of the team. We are all from different parts of the world, from as far flung as Ballarat to EMEA, Asia to the Americas, and of course to the local born and bred hipsters. Needless to say, with this diverse array of people there is no shortage of interesting conversations to be had (especially over a whisky or beer, actually we don't discriminate so any alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage will do). More importantly, a sense of levelness, a handful of humility and a large amount of respect to everyone, along with the passion to always succeed and do the right thing, makes this a special place to be part of.


'Little' things – they do matter. 


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