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This article was co-written with Brian Hanvey 


Brian Hanvey - Red Hat


Senior Principal Solutions Architect at Red Hat

Red Hat OpenShift at Speed with Deloitte Accelerators

Posted by Saul Caganoff on 04 May 2021

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Platform Engineering Centre of Excellence

When customer reach and innovation is at an all-time high, the ability to respond with speed, agility and quality are paramount. Gone are the days where months are spent figuring out how to build a more secure application development and delivery platform that serves the changing needs of business whilst also bringing value to end-users. Deloitte and Red Hat recognize this two-part challenge.


Today we are announcing the Deloitte and Red Hat Platform Centre of Excellence (CoE), a program designed to help our joint customers leverage distributed and containerized workloads on Red Hat OpenShift. Drawing on our combined expertise, we created this CoE with the goal of enabling Organizations to add value without the heavy lifting required to build the solution from scratch. With OpenShift at the heart of this offering, the Platform CoE unites a suite of both engineering services and assets to help deliver more secure, resilient and scalable OpenShift foundations for customers.


Deloitte’s long-term business, advisory, and technological acumen partnered with Red Hat’s global leadership, advocacy, and delivery of enterprise-grade open source software solutions resulted in the development of a best-in-class Platform CoE with Red Hat OpenShift, the industry’s leading enterprise Kubernetes platform. Through the CoE, organizations gain the support of both Deloitte’s consulting and management expertise and Red Hat technology to accelerate time-to-value for customers.


To address the immediate needs of your business, meet your engineering and development teams where they are in the containerization journey, and provide a Platform-as-a-Service solution that works where you’re the most comfortable, four methods for consumption and enablement are available.


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"Subscribe and Go"

Gain access to an up to date, stable and available platform with leading security features on a public cloud provider(s) of your choice. The platform is constantly evolving with some of the latest innovations and features; just log on whenever needed to access the greatest advantage.

Platform Management

If you need your own platform but are not in the business of building and maintaining it, our experts will build, run, and maintain the platform 24x7 as a managed service. SLAs are available and can be aligned to incidents, problems, and change control.

Platform Establishment

Get a best-in-class platform that provides a secure, enterprise-class Software Factory and CI/CD pipeline. Let our experts use proven, best-in-class methods and tooling to build, transition and teach ongoing administration and-day-to day support tasks. This method provides a fast establishment to your public cloud provider of choice with ongoing enablement as needed.

“Teach me to Fish”

This is for teams that would like to learn how to build and maintain an enterprise-class Kubernetes platform, but don’t have the time and skills to go it alone. Working together with the CoE team, we help you build from established, best-in-class platform templates which can be customized to meet your needs. The process starts with a needs analysis and takes you through go-live and ongoing support as needed.


In the next instalments of this series, we will deep dive into each method to share the finer points, benefits and overall value of selection.



Brian Hanvey - Red HatThis article was co-written with Brian Hanvey 

Brian is a Senior Principal Solutions Architect at Red Hat.

He is a Systems and Technology Professional with strong business acumen and entrepreneurial abilities, that are used to drive overall solution success for customers and product sales for Red Hat. 



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