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APIdays Returns in September

Posted by Saul Caganoff on 24 August 2020

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APIdays Australia LIVE is happening on September 15th and 16th - only three weeks away - and registrations are open now.

This, our sixth year, marks a significant milestone for our API community in Australia and the region.

  • We are now an integral part of the APIdays Global community. It's great to be part of such a huge movement promoting the benefits of APIs for building business ecosystems.
  • This year we're LIVE online. While we're disappointed we can't all meet together physically, we can benefit from greater access to international experts who would not otherwise be able to join us.
  • The local community continues to grow in terms of numbers, industries and depth of experience. We have lots of local experience and case-studies represented this year.

The agenda has been published at and you can register for the event now.

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As in previous years our agenda runs in three complementary streams.


Strategy covers how APIs afford better business performance and better customer outcomes. Talks this year include:

  • Case studies and experience from banking, insurance, energy, health-care, travel, transport and aerospace.
  • Experience with building API-first businesses and managing API-first transformations across a large enterprise.
  • Product management techniques and how to apply them to support long-lived API-based assets within your organisation.


Execution deals with more technical aspects of building and managing APIs, with topics encompassing:

  • API design, developer experience, versioning, lifecycle management and how API design can be managed at scale.
  • Frameworks and protocols - delve into the technical aspects of API implementation, protocols such as GraphQL, testing and contract-first development.
  • Security, with best practices and evolving standards on how to secure your APIs and manage compliance risks associated with many industries.

Platforms represents the continuing maturity of container-based & microservices architectures:

  • Service mesh is becoming the mainstream method for visibility and control over a distributed microservice landscape.
  • Microservice architecture is evolving into more pragmatic approaches to achieve independence in the face of legacy monoliths and multi-grained services.
  • Event-driven architecture is emerging as a complement the command and query interfaces afforded by APIs.

Free registration gives you access to keynotes, stream talks, workshops round-tables and exhibition on the day as well as to on-demand content afterwards.

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